About Us

About the Game

Heyo! Blacken the Sun is a monochromatic puzzle platforming game with heavy stealth elements.

You play as a shadow named Luna as shadow who is attempting to find out what is going on after her village is attacked and she is left as possibly the only survivor. You will quickly gain a friend and the two of you will have to sneak through dangerous domain with the ever constant threat of traps, enemies, and light itself. There will be a large variety of areas as you traverse the world ranging from deep forests, to giant metropolises, and even full on warzones.

About the Authors

This game is being made by a two man team. I am the designer, artist, animator and web designer and my long time friend being the programmer.
I am a multimedia designer with a history in flash animation and fine arts. If you want to check out some of my other work go to My buddy is going through university for computer science and he is honestly the most talented programmer I have ever met.
We will also be taking on a few other people for smaller but very important roles. I have a very old friend doing our music with a degree in music development. In a similar situation we have another friend with a long history in sound development that has volunteered his services for our sound effects.