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Swamp artMay 22nd 2015

Hey guys I finally finished school a while ago so job hunting and working on the game.

Right now we are in the process of cleaning up everything in the game programming so that everything is running smoothly for the progress we have seen so far.



Slow workMar 5th 2015

Mikes been working on the engine diligently while I have been producing art while being busy with my thesis work.



Winter updateJan 23rd 2015

Wow its been a long time since I updated here but lots has been happening with the game getting all kinds all level aligning done and different animations put in place. It has been a slow process but we are pushing through slowly but surely. I will be posting art here and there though as things are coming along.



Breaks over back to workSept 8th 2014

Well just took a week break and now schools back in session and we are back to work on the game and school.

This month a lot is going to be happening preparing the alpha demo and the kickstarter campaign. Should be very exciting!


Poncho addedAug 26th 2014

Well the intro animation is all done the poncho has been added to Luna and the Alpha demo will be out soon.

Then we will be running a kickstarter campaign to hopefully earn funds for a dev kit and full unity software!


Cut scenesAug 20th 2014

Looking into adding our cut scenes into the game itself though its looking like we will have to buy a copy of unity to do so.


Burn up animationAug 15th 2014

Wooo burn up animation is all done so this is what will happen if you step into the light.


Burn up animationJuly 28th 2014

Working on roughs of the town today. Mike plans to have the object interaction done for friday!


NoxJuly 24th 2014

Finally named our secondary character! "Nox" which is latin for night.


Platform alignmentsJuly 23rd 2014

Just working on platforming alignments right now.

Mike is working on object interaction very exciting!


Screw PerspectiveJuly 21st 2014

Well after months of trying to create a faked perspective I just sorta said fuck it and started just creating a literal distance between the backgrounds.

Mikes been working with the game engine.


Youtube show!July 16th 2014

Got interviewed the other day for a youtube show about indie devs. It will be cool to see the video when it gets edited and uploaded.



More Demo Art!July 14th 2014

Just some demo art I whipped up.



Starting to Add PlatformsJuly 9th 2014

Adding in the platforms today and getting them all lined up!

Eric has just been working on the intro sequence still.


Camera AdjustmentsJuly 4th 2014

Adjusting the camera so it will follow you up and down as well as sideways haha.

Also been working on the mouthing of the characters in a intro clip and adding in some of the movements to go with that.


Mouthing AnimationJuly 2nd 2014

Just working on doing mouthing on the voice overs right now.

Mikes fixing up some minor glitches with the shadows.


Opening SequenceJune 23rd 2014

Mike is merging shadow graphics with the movements today.

I am working on the opening animated sequence doing all of the voice over work.


Software EstamationsJune 18th 2014

A hilarious analogy on the unforeseen hiccups in development.

Why are software development task estimations regularly off by a factor of 2 or 3


Shadow GraphicsJune 16th 2014

Shadow graphics are coming along quite nicely.

I have been touching up the intro animation. There were a few parts that felt a bit sloppy and I wanted to touch them up and fix them.


Lost IntroJune 12th 2014

I thought I had lost my good animation to the game intro but I managed to find a copy after many months! I was dreading having to reanimate that so I am very excited!

I have also been working on getting all the puzzles roughed up for the Farm aka the second area of the game!


CupheadJune 12th 2014

I saw cuphead at the E3 presentation and man ohhh man did that catch my eye I am extremely excited to play that!


E3June 11th 2014

I guess it has been a few days my bad guys! We were celebrating E3 the other day very exciting so many amazing games coming out! I can't wait for the new Metal Gear game myself.

Secondary character sprite sheets are all set up and the shadow mode is finally all working after many headaches! We are just applying graphics to it now.


Shadow TroubleJune 2nd 2014

Secondary character movements are all done and I am in the process of saving them into sprite sheets!

Mike has been having a bit of trouble with the shadow mode.


Secondary Character AnimationsMay 29th 2014

Secondary character animations almost all finished up and the shadow transformation movement is coming alone quite nicely!


Shadow TransformationsMay 27th 2014

Backgrounds are coming in smoothly and the shadow transformations look awesomeeeeeeeee


False PerspectiveMay 23rd 2014

We started bringing in all the backgrounds which is awesome. No more faking perspective with this great 3d environment.


Backgrounds AheadMay 21st 2014

All the basic movements have just about been added in.

We are going to start bringing in all those backgrounds I was updating for a long time.


Roughing Up New ThingsMay 20th 2014

We have been putting in more movements and I have been drawing up puzzles for the farm.


Sprite Sheets HastleMay 16th 2014

Some of the sprite sheets sizing was off so I fixed all that right up. We are just getting movements in over the next few days.


Climbing the RopesMay 14th 2014

Backgrounds are almost all finished to the entire first section of the game all prepped and ready to go. Mike is adding the ability to climb up and down the ropes.


Get Better!May 13th 2014

Hey guys back from the weekend! Art gallery opening went well but its back to work.

Don't you hate when you get looking at your work and realize it needs to be way better. I really need to re-texture some of the backgrounds today.


Letting go and learning to climbMay 9th 2014

You can now let go of the ropes and Mikes working on being able to climb up and down them.

I on the other hand continue to prepare the backgrounds but here is a showing of one I am adjusting right now!



Grabbing ropesMay 8th 2014

You can now grab and swing on the ropes! I continue to adjust the backgrounds!


The RopesMay 7th 2014

Mikes just getting in all the ropes into Unity and I am going to work on some secondary character animations!


Animations and BackgroundsMay 5th 2014

Mike just got in the running jump, standing jump, falling and crouching movements all in.

I just finished updating all the sprite sheets to make sure all the sizes are just right so everything runs as smooth as possible.


Got running and walking inApr 30th 2014

Well we have walking and running in thus far and I am working on breaking the backgrounds into more layers for a greater sense of depth. I will prolly be doing that for the next few days!


Switching animations overApr 29th 2014

Hey guys today Mikes busy getting Lunas basic movements into Unity. I am taking advantage of how Unity works and breaking the backgrounds into more layers for a better impression of distance.


Schools OutApr 28th 2014

Well schools over and so full time development begins. I guess I will start off by posting pics of the sun/moon redesigns and then talk about how we are in the process of moving Luna over to Unity.

Posts will be coming near daily for the next 4 months.



Sun and Moon RedesignsMarch 24th 2014

Been working on a redesign of the sun and moon. Will be posting them up in the next few days.

Things have been really busy with the end of the school year coming. Summer time will be good though 4 months of full time work non-stop.


Backgrounds set in UnityMar 10th 2014

We have the backgrounds all set up in Unity and are moving right into setting up the character sprite sheets!

Things have been crazy busy but going well as usual!


Switching to UnityFeb 11 2014

After some research into the whole thing, I believe we will now be switching over to Unity 4.3 (2D) for the rest of game development! It should offer us a more streamline approach to the whole development process! Very excited!

You can check out the whole Unity 4.3 suite in this demo, for anyone who is curious.


Poncho GlitchJan 29th 2014

We were adjusting Luna's poncho and things suddenly glitched into a giant rave.


Cloth physics attached to ponchoJan 19th 2014

We are just about finished attaching this amazing cloth physics to luna for her poncho. You should should check this out here.
I also just finished up all the shadow transformation movements.

Mike has began work on the respawn system so you can actually die and that is coming along quite well.


New game artJan 5 2014

Thought I might post up some art I have done over the last few months. Enjoy.

example1 example1


Character movements progressionDec 31 2013

Hey guys sorry for the lack of posts we have been really busy over the last month with christmas, finals and working on the game.
We have been fine tuning the animations and movements on the character making sure you can transform into a shadow from any movement as well as updating the physics so you pick up speed as you run and that is just the tip of the iceberg. We will be updating once a week regularly again starting in the new year ^^.



Rope mechanics finishedNov 23 2013

Rope mechanics are now finished and feel pretty good, on to the next task!
Next task on the to-do list is to implement a pseudo-bone tool animation frame so that I can apply world physics to the player. So, basically, your legs and feet dangle and swing with the rope.

Things have been a bit slower unfortionatly with both our finals in school looming over us but once chrismas break starts back to full time work! Plus less classes in the new year so even more time to work!


Swinging updatedNov 15 2013

Swinging is in it just needs to be adjusted now. Luna's animations are also all updated now. I have also been working on some info movies we will put up on youtube later.

For now check out this funny glitch that we had earlier :P


Ropes being implementedNov 10 2013

Mighty Michette here. I should have a rendered logo for some critic in the next week or two. Everyone seems to like #3, so I'll make that one first.

Also, ropes are in! Just need to figure out those pesky physics to make it look good... Hmmm....


Updating Luna's AnimationsNov 3 2013

Started updating Luna's movement animations with her new design. Getting the cloth movements to look just right is tricky but it will look amazing when I am done.

Also started implementing a rope and swinging mechanic into the game.


Engine ImagesOct 29 2013

Hey everyone. Mike here. Finally got some sketches finished for a few logo concepts for our game engine, and was hoping to get everyone's feedback on the designs!


You can vote for your favorite at the link below:
Vote here


Engine NameOct 24 2013

On the topic of the previous post I have also dubbed the game engine as the Sunspot Engine, and I should have a couple logo sketches within the next few days for everyone to look at/vote on.


Engine updatesOct 23 2013

Well, figured I'd make the first of many updates from Mike!
Just re-writing the structure of the game engine right now, since at the moment it's just feature-after-feature tacked on at the end of the previous code. This will make it much easier to implement more features in the future as I will actually have a spot to insert new code...

This being Eric I just thought I would mention that I have been working on some videos explaining various aspects of the game which will be up sometime in the near future. I also did a slight redesign of Luna (the protagonist). I will post images when I get the chance.


Script updateAug 16 2013

Well the scripts of the intro and first stage are set up and sent out to our voice actors. Can't wait to hear their work I am sure it will be amazing.

Been updating a few loadin errors as well with alignment issues with the backgrounds. Everything is looking good can't wait to have a beta out to show you guys!


Music updateAug 09 2013

Sorry about the lack of regular updates guys I will be updating every friday from this point forward.

I recently was going over the music situation with my composer and I just have to say the music was amazing. I am extremely excited to share it with you guys soon. I have been working on my backgrounds and they are coming along quite well but I might need to take a week or two to catch up the animations and get done a trailer.


Voice actors surpriseMay 17 2013

Hey guys I was really surprised with the huge flood of interested voice actors and I just want to say thanks to all the eager volunteers.

Also if anyone new is interested we are always interested in hearing from ya. We will be working on this game for a whiles and with many small parts being around we are always willing to hear a new voice so just shoot us a email.


Voice actors neededMay 06 2013

Hey guys I will be needing voice actors for some of the roles throughout my game. It will likely be a paid job once everything is said and done depending on your part.

Everyone will of course be credited regardless of how minor the part. I am looking for a variety of roles and will be looking in various places for voice actors if you are interested in joining in please shoot me a line either here or through email.

I would love if people want to follow us the more support for us the better. We plan to put out a demo by the end of the summer time here on newgrounds for people to try out.



New Art up!April 21 2013

Put some Demo and Background art up on Newgrounds go check it out!
Background Art
Promo Art

Progress ReportMarch 27 2013

Things are coming along well we have the basic controls and animations down pat and are working on having the backgrounds loading in properly as you progress.

Sites up!March 26 2013

I am very excited to say our site it finally up and with a few tweaks over the next few days things are looking good and are only going to get better.